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Strafrecht Schwerpunkte
In the meantime, criminal law covers all fields of life, economic activities and also the citizens' everyday life. In this connection, criminal law by no means refers just to the classical field of criminality, but can, for example, already take effect in the case of a manager's disputed business decision or through a works manager's moment of inattentiveness with in part serious consequences which can also extend beyond the actual sanction (e.g. image damage for companies). Aspects such as the increasing growth of litigation as well as progressive internationalisation bring companies and their decision makers – but also citizens e.g. in the field of tax law – ever more in the danger of coming into contact with criminal law aspects.
Preventive counselling is thus gaining in importance alongside the classical defence. Competence in criminal law practice thus requires appropriate specialisation. Close links to colleagues outside of criminal law and specialists in non-juridical disciplines guarantee optimal care.